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Charley Burch, a lifelong Memphian, has been involved in politics from an early age and has served as an appointed city government official in Memphis for 12 years. Charley served four and a half years as Secretary on the Memphis Alcohol Commission, and has served the past seven and a half years to-date as Vice Chairman and Treasurer of the Memphis Music Commission.

Charley is a Federal Transportation Security Officer for The Department of Homeland Security and The Transportation Security Administration stationed at Memphis International Airport, and has been elected Vice Chairman of the DHS/TSA Employees Advisory Council. Charley is also a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams RealtyCharley has produced Memphis music and records, and promoted events for 27 years. Charley is a member of Anshei Sphard Beth El Emeth Synagogue, and a Master Mason with Unity Lodge #95 (York Rite, Scottish Rite and Shriner's). Charley has a B.A. in History from Memphis State University. Charley has one son, Zachary Burch, and his mother is Dr. Wanda Burch.

The Burch family has a 150-year history of government involvement and defending our Citizen’s rights. The Burch family worked on behalf of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and the Memphis Sanitation Workers. Burch family members also served in the Tennessee House of Representatives, as Governor of Tennessee and in The United States Senate.

I am running for office because I am troubled that our city is becoming increasingly divided, both socially and politically. Charley Burch is a registered Democrat and the only Democrat in this race. As a friend of unions and labor, when I am elected I will defend the rights and benefits of our Police, Firefighters and all Memphis City Employees. When elected, I will also focus on repairing our city’s infrastructure, including public roads and services. Furthermore, if one of my constituents brings an issue to my awareness that I disagree with, I will still present it to committee for consideration because my opinion is not as important as the voice of our Citizens and my Constituents.

Vote for me on October 8th, 2015, and I will represent The Voice of The People and not private interest agendas! It's time to start Rebuilding Memphis for Memphians!


  1. Attract and keep residents in Memphis
  2. Sustain Firefighters, Police, and City Worker health care plans and pensions 
  3. Develop and maintain a sensible and balanced city budget
  4. Repair and improve public roads and services
  5. Improve access to affordable public transportation
  6. Develop and promote Memphis music, arts, tourism, and attractions
  7. Restore traffic to/from the Memphis Airport to previous levels
  8. Preserve and improve our library, landmarks, and park services
  9. Improve access to education programs focused on vocational and skilled trade development
  10. Improve access to Public Health Services
  11. Identify and obtain State and Federal grants for Memphis programs
  12. Voice the needs of my constituents


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